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Madhya Pradesh’s Bagh handicraft reaches four countries in 2 months

23 December 2010 : Bhopal

The Bagh handicraft of Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh is now earning fame worldwide and received encomiums from people abroad. The famous Bagh handicraft items were displayed by India for the second time in Italy recently. This year, the Union Textile Ministry has selected noted Bagh artiste Shri Mohammad Yusuf Khatri for displaying his Bagh prints there. On return from the foreign tour, Shri Yusuf Khatri termed his foreign visit as successful and a movement of pride for the Indian art.
As many as six best exponents of different arts were selected from all over the country to sent to Italy. Out of these, preference was given to the lone Bagh artiste of Dhar district. Shri Yusuf displayed his art in Italy from December 4 to 16.
The popularity of Madhya Pradesh’s Bagh prints can be gauged by the fact that four members of Bagh printers’ group toured four foreign countries for two months including Australia, Bangladesh, Italy and England. Bagh artiste Shri Umar Farooq Khatri visited Birmingham in England, Shri Abdul Qadir went to Melbourne in Australia, Shri Daud Khatri displayed his art at Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka and Shri Mohammad Yusuf showed his Bagh print skills in Italy. This is for the first time that India has got the opportunity to display its arts in four countries for two months at a stretch.

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